Hating the person, you love
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Hating the person, you love

There are circumstances in which individuals find themselves hating the people they love. This might be confusing and you can ask yourself how can both of these happen at the same time. The only way to solve this is to know the difference between logical consistency and psychological compatibility. It may be a consistent encounter to hate the one you love but difficulties can come up when it comes to its psychological compatibility.

Love and hate are frequently seen to be diametrically opposed, in that, there is no way you can speak about hating the person you love without engaging in a logical contradiction. There are arguments that come up because of this, love is broader than hate as more features of the object are referred here. While the object in the hate is portrayed as a bad agent, the object is portrayed to be both attractive and good in romantic love.

Love and hate are different. They are similar and not similar in some aspects. This, therefore, means that when individuals describe love and hate, they might be referring to distinct features of each encounter.

Coping with profound emotional dissonance is as a result of the difficulty that comes up due to hatred and love towards a beloved one. The presence of distinct emotions that are both extended towards the same individual like love and hate seems to be psychologically incompatible regardless of the fact that the presence of mixed feelings is not most likely puzzling.

Love and hate are used to describe relationships that focus on changes in distinct situations. Love can make hate thrive. Hate may arise when the intensity and intimacy of love turn sour. In these situations, hate is seen as a channel of communication when others can’t be reached.

It’s difficult to explain the claim that hate and love go hand in hand. Because we need to understand how they can focus on the same individual at the same time. Someone might say that they love you generally but hate the fact that you are a lair. When people say “I love you and hate you at the same time” it means that there are negatives and positives that the individual possesses at the same time. We might also hate someone because we love them but they don’t seem to return the favor.

It’s shocking to understand that romantic love is where our exclusivity arises and not in hate. On the other hand, we want to see our negative attitudes shared by others in hate.

In conclusion. There is a possibility of hating the one we love from a logical point of view as there are no contradictions.

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