Letting Go and How it Feels to Move On
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Letting Go and How it Feels to Move On

Letting go is something that can feel and sound freeing. We always hear people talking about letting go of bad relationships, letting go of hurt, letting go of bitterness, letting go of this and that. Even though we often talk about letting go or hearing others talk about it, we hardly ever hear anyone talk about what it feels like after we let go of someone or something. No one wants to talk about the pain that comes with letting something go.

Hard Times

We often talk to each other and tell them to deal with their problems, but we forget to talk about how painful it is to let go of someone. The hurt that we feel when we let go of someone is hard to face. We talk about how good we will feel once we let go of someone and this does come in time, but no one talks about the initial pain that you feel.

Letting go of a toxic person will have a good effect on you in the end and letting go of someone that you thought was going to be there with you forever will eventually heal, but no one talks about how hard it will be.

Letting go of someone that you have loved with all of your heart is painful and heartbreaking. It is hard to tell them goodbye and to find happiness in it. When you let someone go, this doesn’t just happen right away and make you feel free, this is something that is not easy and that takes time. Letting go is hard and you should never expect other people to tell you that this is easy.

Never Easy

Letting go of someone will break your heart. This will not allow you to have a new opportunity in life right away or to make you feel good immediately. You will not right away feel happy, and you will even feel that your world is falling apart.

If you are letting go of someone that hurt you or cheated on you, you will still have to face hard times once it happens.

When you let someone go, you might feel that you made the right choice but that doesn’t mean that you won’t face pain and guilt. You will. This will also take you to heartbreak. But the truth is, one day you will realize that you made a good decision, and you will see that you made the right choice.

Letting Go of Someone You Care About

When you let go of someone that you love or care about, the emotions are going to be strong and painful. You will face strong emotions.

No matter what kind of pain you feel though, you might have to let this person go because they are not good for you.

Staying with someone that is not good for you is unfair to you and even unfair to them. This would be something that causes you pain in the future and more heartache than you are facing now.

You need to do what you have to do so that your life will be good in the future. If you are with someone that only brings you down, let them go. You will see that the hurt and pain will eventually go away. You will find the freedom that you are seeking, give yourself time.

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