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Signs You Are a Power Couple

A power couple by definition is a couple who both compliments one another’s strengths and supports ones another’s individuality. They are often thought of as role models. Those in a power couple work and focus on their own successful career, but then they come back together with great affection. If you wonder if you and your partner are giving off that coveted power couple vibe, read on to learn the signs that you are the couple others strive to be.

  • Empower One Another – Power couples embody the support and rallying for each other in their endeavors and pursuits. While most couples offer each other support, most do not make it to the empowering stage. To break into being a power couple, you must collaborate and work together, allowing your partner to shine without hesitation.
  • Stand Alone – Each member of a power couple will be perfectly capable of standing on their own and realize their own merits. They will form a strong team as well because of these individual accomplishments.
  • Thrive as a Unit – While each member of the couple is successful on their own, power couples also thrive as a couple. This type of couple will never be attached at the hip, but able to walk away, have conversations, and then come back together later to talk and share. This is a freedom all couples need, but many forget.
  • Do Not Take for Granted – Power couples express gratitude and appreciation often. This is often for the little things instead of expecting them or overlooking them as typical.
  • Protective – Individuals in a power couple are quite independent, but they will protect their partner fiercely if needed. They are truly their partner’s biggest fan.
  • Communicate Around Successes – Power couples do not have to make a ton of money or both hold equal levels of success. However, they will openly negotiate who will be “successful” over the other at a specific time. The couple is a couple and must work together to see how success impacts both of them at a given time. Power couples will be open about their dreams, goals, and aspirations so they are able to work together toward each member’s common goal.
  • Expanded View – Power couples are not solely reliant on each other. They do not thrive if they are because one person cannot be another’s whole world.
  • Time Over Money – Though power couples are often successful, they understand that quality time together is more important than money. Money will not be the main source of happiness and instead they will make an effort to spend quality time together. Marital satisfaction is correlated with having a strong friendship and power couples understand this.
  • Respect One Another – Power couples have great respect for one another at all times, even when the other is not around at the time. This means always being on the same team and not publicly airing complaints.
  • Take Turns – Power couple members know that a different person will lead at different points in life. Both people understand and can lead and follow depending on the situation.
  • Security in Difficult Times – A power couple is built and continues to be strengthened by trust, respect, and commitment. Even when times are tough, the power couple knows they can figure it out together.

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