Why You Are Worthy of Love
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Why You Are Worthy of Love

Love may have caused you extensive pain in life.  However, you are never too damaged to find love.  Embrace these life lesson the next time you question if you deserve a healthy relationship.

  1. You ARE good enough: Silence the gremlins that whisper nasty things to your psyche.  When you listen to these doubts you enable yourself to shut down or sabotage opportunities.  Try flipping the script and remind yourself of all your attributes.
  2. Gremlins hold you back from finding your person: There is an old adage about two wolves, and the one that has the most power is the one that you choose to feed.  When you provide an audience to the voices that tell you that you don’t deserve love than you chart that fate of loneliness.  When you remind yourself of your power, you open yourself up to finding the love of your life.
  3. Your scars are beautiful: Think of your scars are battle wounds.  They show you are a fighter who is brave enough to take risks.  They signify you are strong and resilient.
  4. You’re like kintsugi: This Japanese tradition take broken pottery and mends it together with gold.  In this way the cracks are stronger than they were both.  Cracks in your life also help to let light in, thus banished the darkness from your life.  Celebrate your cracks as measures of resiliency.
  5. Your flaws are actually quirks: We all have aspects that we are less than proud of.  However, instead of being ashamed, remember you are only human.  Any person you meet will also have flaws, but it is these flaws that make you both fabulous and unique.
  6. Lean on others for love, until you can stand tall: Sometimes loving yourself is hard and unattainable.  Spend time with others that can remind you way you are fabulous and lovable.  Listen to their insights, and find ways to celebrate your talents and quirks.
  7. Shame is something caused by another person, release it and become lighter: Your past may be painful, but know it isn’t your burden to carry.  Nasty things were done TO you.  This outside influence caused you linger harm.  Your trauma is not your fault.  However, you now have the power to change your destiny by changing the script played inside your mind.  Release shame can be lengthy and complex process, but it’s worth it!
  8. Your past makes you a wonderful counselor: You will ultimately meet other people struggling with self-worth and lovability.  As you begin to heal you will be able to nurture these other lost souls.  Your advice will be more impactful since you have been in their exact situation.
  9. You may need to be constantly reminded that you are worthy and lovable: When you feel broken, you can never be uplifted enough.  As you are healing, you still might find that something seems to be missing in your life.  Lean on your friends and family to remind you of your power and value.  There is no shame in needing people.  One day you will be there for them as they are able to currently be there for you!
  10. You deserve this healing: People who have been traumatize may feel guilt as they being to heal.  They question why after all the hell they have endured should they begin to feel better.  I’m here to tell you that you are worthy and deserving of healing.  Allow yourself to grant you this long overdue blessing.

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