How long should I wait for him to call before moving on?
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How long should I wait for him to call before moving on?

What’s the right amount of time you should give a man who had stopped reaching you to text or call? Find out below.

6 Dating Questions Answered:

Nothing Serious- let me begin with this. “I’m not looking for anything serious”. I’m sorry to say but I think you want more.

When an individual says they aren’t looking for something serious, it means they don’t want to be committed. However, you need his attention and you reach out to make this happen. That’s the behavior of someone who wants something serious. You want to see him regularly and that’s not casual.

Be true to yourself. You may not want to get married but it looks like you can’t stop seeing a man regularly.

Texting First- is texting a man first wrong? No, it’s not. The reason why you are dating is to observe a man’s behavior. You texted first, that’s why he asked you out. You should take note of that. How long, therefore, should you wait for him to text first? A week maybe, or you can decide to test if it’s worth it.

Making Moves- I understand that you are tired of making the first move. But why do you keep doing it? If a man doesn’t show any effort in pursuing you, he’s letting you know that he’s a man who will never step up to pursue you. Or he’s not interested in you.

You are going crazy due to his inconsistency but you are the one who has allowed this.

Inquiring if he likes He Likes You-Think about it. If you directly ask a man this question, can you picture him saying “No I don’t really like you that much.” The best way to answer this question is by just saying “yes” even if it’s a lie.

The only way to whether a man is interested is to watch what he does. Does he call you at least? Tae you out on a date at least a week?

Just because of a man texts you, it doesn’t mean he’s interested. He may be lonely and doesn’t have anything to do. You might just be friend-zoned. You are there for him until a better woman comes along. It sure doesn’t indicate he’s all over you. If he was-he would pursue you.

You think he’s not interested- you are instinctively right about this. Now when this happens with a guy next time, you’ll know what to do than keep trying. If you want to know how interested a man can be, stop reaching out to him! That’s the only way you’ll conclude.

It’s 5 days already- If a man hasn’t contacted you in 5 days, it means he’s not interested in you.

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