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Stop Loving People That Aren’t Worth It

Have you been in a relationship where someone promised that they would be there for you or promised that they would do what they could to make you feel good and strong? If you have, you know that once you let someone go, it will be hard, but you know that it is for the best.

Not Understanding of Love

If you find that all you have ever wanted was to be bonded with someone and to have them, be the person that you want and that is worthy of your love, but all you got was someone that wasn’t worthy because they never could really understand what real love was.

Once you go through this, you will see that you want to find someone that is going to really love you and someone that is not just going to make your life happy for a few days. You will want to be with someone that you waited for.

Relationships Show You Who They Are

Each relationship causes people to show more about who they are. They become vulnerable and they become hopeful that they will find someone to be vulnerable with them. They take a chance of being shunned or being rejected.

Most people have gone through heartbreak after talking about their real feelings for someone and this can cause you to feel shameful of who you are. You have to fall for someone that will want to spend the future with you and someone that will want to share your secrets and your past, even if it is messy.

Hiding from Hurt

When someone comes and hurts you, you learn to hide your real feelings and you build up a boundary around yourself because you don’t want to ever have your heart broken again. This causes you to have a death in your life that is part of your soul.

A man that comes along that is worthy of your love will be there for you no matter what you do and who you are. They will expect you to have flaws and they will embrace you beyond them. They will be someone that you can imagine your future with and someone that will not leave you.

Love Someone Who Loves Who You Are

Find someone to love that will let you be who you really are and that will never reject you or make you be someone else. Find someone that will not ask you to give up who you are or to lose your personal identity. Meet someone that will help you to learn more about who you are as you learn about who he is.

Never fall for someone just to be with someone. You will never love a man that is not able to be open and honest with you. You have to find someone that will get close to you and will openly communicate with you. Find someone that you can see right through.

Find Someone Worthy of Your Love

A man that will love you will be one that will be worthy of your love. He will share the same values and morals that you have, and he will make sure that his actions line up with his words. He will be mature, and he will know how to treat you like the queen you are.

He will never be a person that texts you constantly for the first few weeks and then you have to beg him to text you after because he is so busy. He will never be so busy of you because he will put you first in his life. He will never make you an option but a priority.

When a man is worthy of the love you have, he will be there for you and will never judge you wrongly, but he will show that he loves you for who you are. He will be the one that makes the choice to love you even when there is a fight, and he will make sure he is fair when the fight happens.

Learning from Mistakes

Be with someone that will learn from the mistakes that he has made and will be able to say he is sorry when he hurts you. He will realize that when he messes up that all it takes is an apology to show you, he cares.

Stay Away from Narcissistic Tendencies

Love someone who does not have narcissistic tendencies and who is understanding of your feelings. Be with someone that you can love and trust and one that makes you want to be a better person.  Be with someone that will always say the truth and not just what you want him to say.

Love a man that will treat you perfectly and will not make you wonder if he even likes you. There are no in between’s and there are just yes or no’s. Be with someone that will fight for you.

Find a Partner

Be with a man that is worthy of your love and find one that you will want as your partner. Each time you do something in your life, you learn to love people more and you learn to open your heart up a little bigger. Be with someone that respects you and someone that trusts you.

Don’t Waste Your Time

Don’t waste a minute more of your life with someone that doesn’t deserve your life. The next time you fall in love, find someone that respects you for who you are and shows value in your life. Never fall for someone that makes you wonder if the future is bleak with that person.

Be with someone that will really love you and will be worthy of your love. Find someone that feels lucky to have you and someone that will never let their love fade away. Be with someone that wants to grow with you and someone that will never pretend to make you feel better about who you are but will make sure, no matter what, that you feel better in everything.

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