Show Off your Charisma!
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Show Off your Charisma!

Look around you. Who do you enjoy spending time with? What are these people like? How many qualities do you share that are common? Even though each person will be their own, there are likely common things that cause you to welcome their energy into your life.

Do you find those around you charming and devoted? Some people are full of charisma, and this is what attracts us to them. Of course, did you know that charisma is something you can improve? As you do this, you will see more possibilities and open doors coming into your life.

Many leaders are full of charisma, and this can be teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and people from all sorts of backgrounds and lives. These people must have a little bit of charisma to be able to be successful in the jobs that they are doing.

Being charming might be a trick to draw people in but charisma is something that can’t be insincere and the great thing is that you can improve your charisma and be more charismatic.

Here’s how!

  • Be Strong and Kind

Be confident in who you are but don’t show off or be arrogant. Be proud of who you are and lift up your chin. Understand others and don’t look down on them but be kind to what they are telling you and showing you.

  • Stand Up

Having good posture can make you more confident and make people see you as more confident. Stand up straight when you walk and when you sit.

  • Listen and Don’t Judge

Don’t jump to conclusions when someone is telling you something and don’t judge people. Instead, learn to listen to what they are saying and let them be heard. There is advice to be given and caring to be showed as long as you don’t let distractions or judgements cloud your view. When you listen and hear others without judging them, they remember you.

  • Be Thankful

Be thankful for what you have and appreciate the things that are given into your life. Go out into the world and know the blessings that have been given to you. Live a good life, relax, and enjoy each moment. This makes people want to be around you.

  • Be Positive

Being positive invites people to want to be around you. As long as you are sincere about who you are, you can motivate people to be who they are. Be excited and let people be excited to listen to what you say.

  • Don’t Be a People Pleaser

Sometimes people are people pleasers, and they will do whatever they can to get people to like them. Don’t just say yes to people so that you can look better. Be assertive in what you have to say and don’t let other people take advantage of you for being too easy to give in.

  • Allow Curiosity to Overtake You

You will never be able to try new things if they don’t make you curious. Get to know new people and new things around you. Be curious about the things you’ve never tried or done. Show curiosity in what others are telling you.

  • Be in the Present

Don’t stay in the past but be in the present and be there now. This means to put down your phone and not to get distracted when people are talking to you.

  • Have Determination

Someone that has charisma is someone that speaks with determination. They know what they want, and they use the words that assert power. Speak slowly and in a tone that is determined and confident.

  • Love Life

Love your life. People that see you loving life want to be just like you. Be someone that sees life as a possibility and put in effort to be the best that you can be. Talk about things that you want and things that make you feel excited. Show others that they can love life, too!

Final Thoughts

You can put in an effort to have more charisma. Being charismatic will improve your social life and it will make you feel healthier and happier as well. When you talk to people, show them how good life is and embrace what the world has to offer you!

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