Giving Toxic Humans Too Much Love
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Giving Toxic Humans Too Much Love

Being around a toxic human can cause you a lot of pain. You have to be careful how much you give to someone in your life that is toxic because no matter how much you give them, it will never be enough.

No matter what you sacrifice, who you give up or what you do, a toxic person will never have enough. They will always complain and bicker about what you do, and they will always tell you what you should have done different and how you should have acted.

A toxic person will always want you to do more even if they haven’t done one thing for you in your life.

Always be careful how much time you give to a toxic person in your life. They will make you tired and wear you out. They will only think about their own wants and needs. They will not think about you but themselves.

If they can get more out of you, that is what this kind of person will do. They will do whatever they can to get more from you even if you tell them no or if you tell them you are done. They will never listen to your no, and they will do what they can to make you change your mind and to do more for them. They only care about themselves and they will never care about you. All they care about is getting what they want from you.

Be careful how much time you give someone that is toxic in your life because you don’t want to give them more than you give to yourself and to those that love you. If you love this person, or, if you find that you worry or you stress about them, you need to learn to set boundaries. Boundaries will be there even if you want the best for them because they will be the best for you as well. You need to be strong in your mind and your soul and you can keep your mental health stronger when you set boundaries and you learn to let your life be without a toxic person.

You cannot do whatever you need to do to make their life better when they are not taking care of their own needs. You need to take care of your needs as well.

Always be careful how much time you give to someone that is toxic because they would never do for you what you do for them. They will expect you to give up your time and your energy for them, but they will never even try to help themselves or help you. They will want you to do chores or errands of them and they will never do anything you ask them, even if you are in a bind. They will even hold grudges against you when you make small mistakes. They expect you to act a certain way while they act totally different.

Make sure that you aren’t giving a toxic human more than you should because you are going to get burnt out taking care of them. They will make you think that they problems that they have are your problems and they will not try to fix themselves or things that they mess up. They will be irresponsible, and they will not even try to make up with you if you get angry.

Always be careful how much time you give to someone that is toxic because they will want to control you. They will try to make you give them all of your attention and they will want you to put them ahead of everyone else in your life, even yourself.

This person will want to make you validate them all the time and they will make you tell them that they are the best thing that ever happened to you.

Be careful how much time that you give to someone that is toxic in your life because they will take and take and take until you have nothing left to offer anyone else in the world but them.

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