Dream of Death

What Does it Mean to Dream of Death?

Dreams can be hard to interpret because there are so many dreams that come and go. When things are hard in your life such as losing a loved one or having a partner that cheats, your dreams can be even more wild.

Maybe you have gotten the Death card in a tarot reading but the truth is that this does not mean death, it can have other meanings. If you are afraid of dying, your dreams can take those fears and make them into dreams.

Dreams of death can sometimes happen because someone that you know has died or it can happen because something new is coming in your life.

Dreams of Death

When you dream of your own death, in some cultures, it means that you will live a long time. In dreams that you die, it can mean that you are having something change or that you are growing and the old you are dying away. These dreams can also mean that you are worried about your body and your health.

It is not true that if you dream of your own death that you will die in real life. When you dream a scary dream, your adrenaline will manifest, and you will have your body enter into the fight or flight mode. This will not make you die but it will usually wake you up right before you spring to your death in your dream.

When you have near death dreams, it can make you feel like your body is really in a dangerous situation and cause you to get wide awake. This happens because you haven’t changed yet.

Dreaming of Your Partner’s Death

Dealing with death dreams can be hard but when you dream about your partner dying, it can be harder to forget these dreams. These dreams can cause you to be anxious about losing someone that you love.

Think about the people in your life and the changes that you have had, and your dream can mean that you have changes in your relationship.

If you are struggling in your relationship, this kid of dream can mean that you are fearful of what is going to happen, and you are afraid that your partner is going to leave you.

You may have a dream of dying because you are ready to let them go.

Dreaming of Loved One Dying

These kinds of dreams can work with family and friends ass well. If you dream that someone you love is dying, how did it make you feel? Do you want them to come to you and you miss them? Do you feel that you cannot get to them? Are you mad at them for leaving you?

Maybe you have made a choice in your life that makes them not be able to see you as much as they did before, and this is causing you to feel negative towards that situation.

Dreaming of Someone Who Died

When you dream of someone that has recently died, it can mean that you are missing them. This also can mean that they are trying to give you a message and let you know that they are okay and that you need to move on in your life.

This person that has died can be communicating with you through your dreams.

Dreaming of a Stranger who Died

If you dream of a stranger dying, it can mean someone that you don’t know is making you feel helpless. It can mean that you are going through something traumatic that you are not facing.

Dreaming of Murder

When you dream of death, this can also be a dream about murder. When you dream of being the killer in your dream, it can mean that you are trying to make changes in your own life.

This can mean that you are trying to decide what you should do next, and you know that some parts of you have to die in order for you to be better.

What Dreams Mean

Dreams rarely mean what they really are, and most dreams are symbols of things going on in your life. Dreams have interpretations and when you dream about dying or about death, take time to sort out your emotions and find out what you are feeling inside of yourself.

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