How to Be Honest in What You Are Feeling
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How to Be Honest in What You Are Feeling

Women that go to the beauty salon know that their hairdresser will often tell them that their hair is perfect, knowing deep inside that it isn’t the style right for them. Instead of being honest about what they are feeling, they hide these feelings and accept their praises.

Fear of Being Vulnerable

People think that you should be open and that you should be able to say things that you are feeling. They believe that you should share your emotions and be condiment in who you are.

The truth is that when you open up your emotions, you open yourself up to being vulnerable.

You take the chance of being embarrassed by what you are saying, and you take the chance of being rejected or put down.

If you tell your ex that you still love him and he tells you that he still doesn’t love you, are you strong enough to move on afterwards?

Being vulnerable shows people that you are honest with your feelings. It allows you to be open and to be trusting to other people around you, but it also can make your relationships better.

Some people that have mental health issues or addictions worry that they are not able to share things with others in chance of being mocked or put down.

Why Do Women Like Emotional Men?

Women like to be around men that are emotional because it helps them to know what the other person is thinking. It helps them to be able to be independent and to know what is going on in the relationship.

Being a People Pleaser

Some people believe that being a people pleasure is the best thing for them. They do this so that they don’t have to face any kind of problems or conflict.

People pleasers are not able to put themselves first and they are not able to be independent. They worry too much about what other people think or feel.

When you look at yourself, you have to figure out who you are. Are you someone that hates to pick where you eat lunch or where you go to your date at? Maybe you are someone that hates to make decisions.

You use excuses and let other people be in charge and you choose to not be responsible so that you don’t upset or disappoint other people.

You are someone that does things to make other people happy and even if this seems like you are being deceptive to yourself, you still play that role in life.

Be Honest with Yourself

You need to learn to be honest with your feelings. You might even have to say goodbye after a date and know that you will never be with them again. Learn to tell them why and tell them that you have different values and ideas.

Maybe you are not able to connect with someone, tell them and do not be afraid. Learn to understand why you want to hide your feelings and if they make you feel guilty but then learn to become someone that is able to be honest.

When you learn to be honest with your feelings, it can help you to have better relationships with people in your life. It can help you to talk to people openly and to let them know what you are feeling and why you are feeling a certain way.

Learn to value yourself enough that you do not have to hide your feelings but that you can embrace them and be better in who you are.

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