Learning to Deal with an Angry Girlfriend
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Learning to Deal with an Angry Girlfriend

It is hard to be in a relationship and when you have to deal with your girlfriend being angry, you will have to work to make this better.

There are different ways that you can deal with your girlfriend that is upset with you and here is how:

Stop the Emotions

If you want to get your girl to calm down, you need to not make her feel like she has to be defensive. Learn to listen to what she is telling you and hear her. Do not react to her when she says something that upsets you.

The faster you can get yourself out of the situation when she is mad, the better you are. Try to stay calm and keep your emotions out of it.

Don’t Get Mad

When your lady is mad at you, do not get mad back. Learn to stay in control and to know that she will get over it.

Learn to deal with her negative reactions to you and learn to let her calm down and say what she is feeling. Do not be negative and do not make things worse.


You have to learn to empathize and allow your girlfriend to tell you what is upsetting her. Let her tell you why she is upset and angry.

She wants you to be on her team and wants you to see things from her view. This will help you to connect with her and understand her better.

When a woman is angry, it is hard for him to understand her but when you make an effort to do this, it will make her see that you care about her. This will make you closer.

If you talk negatively to her when she is upset, you will just make things worse.


Always have boundaries when your girlfriend is upset. Do not let her vent just because she wants to and if she is upset, allowed her to tell you about it but not to cross a line. She has to deal with her anger some on her own.


You are not responsible for all of your girlfriend’s emotions and she has to find her own happiness. Empathize with her but make her be responsible.


Do not lecture your girlfriend when she is angry. Her emotions will be high, and logic will not work when she is mad.

Let her be mad and let her work through it.

Admit You Are Wrong

Learn to admit when you are wrong and apologize for it. If you just say you are sorry when you get caught, this will not build a healthy relationship. Never ask her if it is her time of the month because this will make her madder.


Your girlfriend needs you to help around the house and not pretend to be her child. She needs a man to step up and to help when help is needed.

Offer to do the dishes and to take care of things, especially when she is overwhelmed.


Do not ignore issues that are powerful or important. Overlooking these things will cause problems and if she tells you something is serious; she probably has a plan to help fix things.

Listen to her suggestions and talk to her. She will lay her heart out on the table and you need to sooth her and be there for her.

On Her Own

Women want to be on their own, but they also need to have someone to help her.

Learn to give her distance when she needs it and if she needs you to do something for her, do it for her. Maybe she needs you to run to the store because she has her hands full, it won’t hurt to pick up a few items for her at the grocery store.

When your girl miser her period and she is upset, learn to listen and be there for her.

Make Her Happy

You can learn to make your lady happy by taking time to listen to her and to pay attention to what she is feeling. She wants you to hear her and to be there to help her.

Give a Little

You don’t have to give your girl a present each day but once in a while spoil her with something special. This will show her that you are thinking of her and that you care about her. It doesn’t have to be expensive just something to say that you are thankful for her.

Do this when she expects it the least.

Connect with Her Friends

Learn to connect with her friends and make them your friends too. This is a way that you can all spend time together doing fun things.  Coordinate your weekends to hang out with your friends and her friends.


Find the same interests in some things. Find hobbies that you like to do together. If she likes to cook, cook a meal with her here and there.

If she likes to write, buy her a notebook, and tell her some things that you enjoy reading of hers.


Put effort into your relationship. Women love it when men put an effort into them and so when you want to see her happy, put an effort in her.

One way that you can do this is to make sure that you look good for her. Get your haircut and put on some cologne when you see her.


Take time to help around the house before she asks you to. Take out the garbage and do the dishes. This will show her that you care about her.

Help with the chores around the house, especially if she works outside of the home. Do it because you care.


Spend time together hanging out. Order a pizza and watch a movie together. Do this on a regular basis.

Take her out of her favorite restaurant or buy her a favorite coffee. Do what makes her happy.


Take time for adventure. Do something new and spontaneous together. Do a mini vacation or take a long one together.


Learn to go to bed together and spend time together in bed. Women love to be with men that give them attention and do not leave them to get bored.

Change your bedtime routine to include her in it.


Make sure that you are committed to your girlfriend and that you are interested in your relationship. Learn to be together and always work to see the relationship grow.

No matter how long you have been together, your relationship should always be growing and getting stronger.


Women are hard to handle and they have negative times just like men do. Here are some things you can do to keep your woman from being unhappy:

Get Gross

Girls do not like men that are gross. They don’t like things like blowing your nose and farting.


The fastest way for a breakup is to disrespect your girl. They want you to love them and care about them and not disrespect them.


Do not always boss your lady around and let her make decisions. She will not put up with that for long.

Rolling Eyes

When she talks to you, do not roll your eyes at her. She will get mad at you and you will not like it.

To Make Her Happy

Dance with her and show her that you love her and learn to deal with her emotions. Learn to understand her and care about her no matter what is going on.

You need to love her, and you will get love back. Find the love you deserve with the girl you deserve to be with.

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