Understanding Why Men Hide Their Emotions
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Understanding Why Men Hide Their Emotions

Are you a woman and you have a hard time understanding why men do not show their emotions like you think they should? If you feel this way, you are not alone. When you want to know about a man and his emotions, you might be surprised and not in a good way.

The thing about guys is that they do in fact have emotions, but their emotions can be confusing and sometimes they contradict each other. If you have a hard time understanding your guys emotions, maybe you need to understand that he doesn’t understand them either.

Some women feel that men do not have real feelings or emotions, but this is not true. Men have feelings but they often do not show them the way that women think that they should. Men have a hard time showing their feelings and even from birth, many men were taught to be strong and not to show emotions. They have learned from home or society that by showing emotions that they are weak.

The way that men and women process emotions is very different, but the emotions are very much the same. When men learn that displaying emotions makes them weak, chances are the guy will begin to hide his feelings and will choose to not show them. Guys often believe that when they need to show their emotions, that it can cause them to look feminine and they do not want that burden.

Men and women are different in the way that they express their outward emotions but what is happening inside is very similar. The difference is that men mostly use the left side of their brains where women use the right side. Men are attributed more to reason while women are attributed to emotions. Women are therefore able to understand and express their emotions more than most men are.

Women are able to have intimate relationships with multiple people. They have friends that are female friends that are very close to them and they have relationships where they are able to open up and share their feelings. Men on the other hand, do not have that many friends and choose to not discuss their relationship issues because they do not want people to look at them like they are girly.

Not all men hide their feelings and emotions and there are a few out there that love to share, but for the most part, men have a hard time expressing their emotions with others.

Women are usually very eager to share their emotions after a breakup or if they are in a bad relationship. They deal with each emotion and learn to handle them right away. They want to feel every aspect of their emotions and they want to analyze what they are feeling and why so that they can move on and be happy in their life.

When we can learn to realize that men and women are different, it is easier to understand them and accept their emotions, however they choose to express them. Understanding that men and women have a different emotional makeup can allow relationships to work and to be strong.

Men generally suppress their emotions on the outside, but this can be hurtful to women int eh relationship. The truth is though that men do express their emotions; they just show them differently. Where a woman might cry or pout about something, a guy might become angry or frustrated. When things go wrong and get crazy, guys will often be mad for longer than women are.

Men might explode and show rage instead of crying or talking about their emotions because men are usually put down for expressing soft emotions.

Society is the reason that most men do not want to share their emotions. The way that men and women show their emotions on different levels can make communication hard. It is important that men learn to understand women and women learn to understand men so that they can build a confident and successful relationship with each other.

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