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What to do if You are Addicted to Love and Sex

There are many different types of addiction such as being addicted to alcohol or drugs or even being addicted to sex. An addiction does not always have to do with a specific substance, but it can be something in our lives that we are addicted to.

Being addicted to sex is a real thing and it can be related to a mental illness. This is something that can affect your life and the lives of those around you.

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is something that has to do with an addiction to the body. This can be sexual behaviors that are out of control and it can get to the point where it ruins your life and your relationships.

Signs of Being Addicted to Sex

There are different signs that you can see when someone is addicted to sex and some of the most common include:

  • Watching pornography.
  • Using webcams to see others having sex.
  • Having marital or relational affairs.
  • Cheating on your partner.
  • Masturbating often.
  • Having violent sexual activities.

These are common signs and sometimes they seem harmless, but it can affect you in your life and your relationships and even at your job.

Love Addict

A love addiction is a disorder because it is an attachment disorder. This means you become dependent on having someone in your life and it gets to the point where you control them. With this comes a lot of jealousy and other bad behaviors such as being overly controlling or having a low self-image.

Some people will have a partner that will allow the abuse to continue because they want to stay in the relationship, but it can be very harmful to your mind and body.

Signs of a Love Addiction

Here are a few common signs of a love addiction:

  • Being controlling.
  • Obsessive behaviors.
  • Having a low self-image.
  • Being overly jealous.
  • Being codependent on your partner.
  • Unworthy of love.
  • Doing self-harm behaviors.

If you find out that you or someone you love is having any of these behaviors, seek help as fast as you can.

Treatment for Sexual and Love Addictions

People sometimes can go and get therapy if they have a sex or love addiction. The therapist can help to figure out what is causing the behavior and help to understand why the person does the things they are doing.

Find someone that can help you so that your life will be safe and that you will not be in a scary or controlling relationship.


Sexual and love addictions are more common than most people know. If you know someone that is showing these signs, you need to get them help right away.

Helping them will help their relationship and their life to be happier in the long run. If you need to consult a professional, do so right away.

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