Unrequited Love can be Good for You
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Unrequited Love can be Good for You

When we think of unrequited love, we often associate it with heartache and self-doubt. This is because there is something devastating about your heart calling out to someone and them not picking up or returning the signals. Still, this is no reason to despair because unrequited love can be a positive, even if it takes some time to feel this way about it. Even though things do not work out, you will survive it. What happens on the other side is often surprising. When you get there, you find that you are a better person and probably happier. While there are times that unrequited love happens, there will be stronger love in your future.

Below are the reasons that unrequited love can actually be a positive in your life:

Makes You Think

The best lessons are often the toughest. When unrequited love leaves you feeling lost and alone, you eventually move on, but what you learn is about yourself. You start to think about why you feel the ways you do about the never happening love. This hopefully leads you to considering what type of person you like, what you want, and how life would look with the perfect one for you. Before long, you may realize that your unrequited love was never really right in the first place.

The Meaning of Love

Love is not all about happiness and rainbows. It is a struggle and a pain much of the time. While not having someone return the love you have for them is tough, feeling that feeling of love teaches you what it is about. You will no longer have to worry if you are feeling true love or just lust in the future.

Handing Rejection

There are no two ways about it, unrequited love is the ultimate rejection. The other person may not be intentionally hurting you, but their lack of feelings still hurts. When you are turned down for a date, it stings a bit, but having your heart pushed away is downright painful. Learning to deal with these feelings helps you grow in how you deal with rejection.


When you have an unrequited love, you start to try to change yourself to be what you think they like, but gradually, you will start to work on yourself for you. The initial stage will have you identifying what your weakest points are and encourage improvement. Even after you move on, this improvement can continue to create the best version of yourself.

Making Yourself Happy

The only real way to get over unrequited love is by finding and doing the things you love. Immerse yourself in hobbies that bring out your passion and fire. Try new things, spend time with friends, and keep your mind off the unrequited love. In the end, you will find your happiness and be able to feed into it until the right person comes along.

Happy on Your Own

Once the worst of the heartbreak haze has passed, you will start to realize you do not need another person to make you happy, you can do it on your own. All the loneliness and concern you went through is something you survived. You can feel happiness and it is all because you choose to do so. No other person is responsible for your happiness.

Teaches Caution

Though this is another tough lesson, unrequited love that ends in heartbreak will teach you to be cautious about giving your heart away too soon.  You will learn to hold something back until you are sure the other person is worth it.

Boosts Other Relationships

When you are heartbroken, friends and family will be there for you. Allow them to show you love and pick you up. While you may be heartbroken, your relationships with them are strengthened.

You Will Love Again

Yet another tough lesson, when you learn how deeply you can love someone who does not love you back, you will realize how much better it can be with someone who does love you. You must have loved and lost to get to this point, but it is worth it.

Loving from a Distance

Though unrequited love hurts, it helps you love without the commitment. If you never took the step to tell the other person you loved them, yet you did with all your heart, then you learned to love without making a commitment that hurt an extra amount to break.

Improved Confidence

This one is not immediate. You will not feel confident when you first learn you are not loved back, but coming back from this will build your confidence vastly. You have loved, lost, and survived.

The sad truth is just because you love someone does not mean they will love you back. Never let this turn you off of love, but use it to learn and grow.

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