Learning to Build a Relationship Based on Truth
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Learning to Build a Relationship Based on Truth

Relationships need to be honest and telling the truth can change the reality of the relationship. Being in a relationship means that you are connected with that person and when you represent truth, it can build up the relationship an allow you to continue to move to a stronger place.

Building your relationship around the truth will cause there to be trust and trust is something that is very powerful. Telling the truth will fix a relationship and not telling the truth will take away trust and will cause the foundation of the relationship to crumble. We must learn to feed the truth to those that we love if we want our relationships to be stronger.

Hard Work

Telling the truth is not always easy and sometimes we are afraid of what the truth will do. When there are things going on that are deep and uncertain, telling the truth is hard and many people choose to take the easier way out and not speak the truth.

When you choose the easier way out, you set your relationship up for long term problems. This can cause the relationship to fail and cause there to be no more trust which can take years to improve if it ever does.

Middle Area

Telling the truth and lying are not two different things. People believe that there is a middle area where you can answer a question without giving the truth or not saying the whole truth and that this is not considered lying.

When you choose to not give a clear answer, there is no real truth in it, and you choose to try to change the reality of the situation. This can cause your relationship to become unstable.

No one has a perfect life, and no one has the answer to all the problems in life but when you choose to be truthful, you can find the right response to say and it can build on the relationship. You have to love your relationship and think a lot of it to be honest. Being dishonest is something that will never work in a good relationship.


Having boundaries in your relationship is important and telling the truth is part of that boundary. If you choose to tell the truth, you can trust that your relationship will last longer and when you choose not to tell the truth, it will cause hurt and pain. Being dishonest is selfish and you have to remind yourself that you want your relationship to work and that you can do this by making boundaries.

Boundaries that are real will allow you to be truthful and to express what you are feeling in your relationship.

When You Can’t Tell the truth

Telling the truth is something that we should always do but we know that not everyone will always tell the truth. The best thing to do is to practice telling the truth and to be aware when you choose not to do that.

Also, learn to face the consequences in your relationship when you choose to be dishonest. If you feel that you have a reason for not telling the truth, this can be a red flag in your relationship and maybe you are not with the right person.


Telling the truth will help you to build strong relationships and will help you to deal with things when life gets complicated. Making an effort to tell the truth even when things are hard or uncomfortable will reward you with a stronger relationship, full of trust. This will allow you to meet your own needs and the needs of your partner.

Always practice telling the truth if you want to have a good relationship.

Being in love means that you want to be with someone that helps you to be a better person. Find someone that is honest with you and make the choice to be honest with them.

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