Definition of a Perfect Soul mate
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Definition of a Perfect Soul mate

A perfect soul mate has a love for kids. I recently met a guy called Steve. During that time, I had two daughters who needed a fatherly figure and I had hoped with Steve since I have seen him talk well to his 11 nieces.  After dating him for 3 months, I invited him over to meet my girls. They misbehaved a little bit screaming all over which made me afraid and I had to apologize on their behalf. I knew Steve was going to run away but to my surprise he even acknowledged them saying that it’s just a matter of time and they’ll be good.

His emotions are not a burden to you. I had a lot of burdens when my husband was still alive. It was hard for me to take someone’s problems into consideration. When I met Steve, he was a bachelor and hadn’t been in any long-term relationship that led to marriage although he had been in many relationships. I was surprised that he was even friends with his exes. He didn’t have a lot of burdens or anything that could hold him from dating me. He was willing to date me fully. (Baggage) check.

He’s fun. When my husband was ill, I was frustrated and distressed. When he died it became even worse, it was the most devastating moment of my life. After moving on with my life and getting over those moments, I longed for a guy who was fun, who loved going out on adventures, clubbing, and singing (loudly).  Fortunately, Steve agreed to my requests for having a nice time. (Double) check.

He’s into sex so much. Steve was ready for anything at any time, quite a number of times at night. That was really good, especially due to the fact that he was 47 years old. I, therefore, discovered that the sex drive doesn’t have any age limit. Older men are just as good as young men.  Check (themout).

He’s flexible. Picking up the kids from school at 3 pm, putting them to bed by 9 pm was really tiresome for me. My schedule was tight and being a widow I needed a man who could fit into this schedule. I did spend most of the time taking care of my partner’s needs, therefore, I needed some me time. Steve was an opera singer by profession, he traveled a lot and performed during the evenings. During the day we would go on dates which took place between 10 a.m to 2 p.m when the kids are still in school. He didn’t have any pets, therefore, used to come to my place. He was not that flexible but acknowledged me for who I am. (Reality) check.

He appreciates and loves what he does for a living. I wanted my next husband to be someone who loves his job since my dead husband used to struggle with his career and didn’t know what he wanted. Then came Steve, he loved his work and was at the top of his career, he wasn’t however paid well but he earned enough that enabled him to pay for rent and cater for his needs.  Getting married to someone who has money is good but I prefer someone who has a passion for what he does and this made everything great. Steve was in love with his job and could not imagine doing anything else. (Check)

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