Is Your Soulmate Ready to Manifest to You?
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Is Your Soulmate Ready to Manifest to You?

Whether it’s kindred spirits, your twin flame, or your soulmate, the Universe always gives divine little winks that these special people are about to manifest into your life. It’s likely those people see the same signs letting them know that you’re about to appear in their life!

Have you ever wondered how your soulmate feels now, at this moment, as they await your appearance in their life? Flipping this awareness that you’re in the process of responding to their call releases any resistance and negative energy that may be present. Imagine that your soulmate is waiting for you, and send out a psychic whisper to the Universe that you’re on your way to them!

As they align with you and you align with them, the power of the Law of Attraction makes your energies intersect in wondrous ways. The Universe is constantly striving to cross your path with the paths of people with whom you have sacred soul contracts. It’s important for you to open your heart and get swept up in the miracle that is true love.

But are you paying enough attention to the signals so you can release what’s holding you back, and walk the intuitive path to your true love?

Here are six signs that your soulmate is ready to manifest to you:

  1. You dream about them

The essence of your soulmate’s spirit can appear in your dreams well before they manifest in your life. Be sure to pay attention to new characters and energies in your dreams. These could hold important clues about who your soulmate is and where he or she is.

Your soulmate’s higher consciousness is powerfully reaching out to you, and can easily project themselves into your somnolent adventures. All you have to do is allow them to!

  1. New opportunities arise

When you feel aligned with and open to all adventure in life, quite often new experiences and opportunities will become available to you. This is how the Universe directs you to the magical path towards your beloved soulmate. The easiest thing to do is to say “yes” to invitations that may involve getting out and about and meeting new people.

You can not respond to your soulmate’s call if all you do is stay home and watch Netflix.

  1. You feel drawn out of your comfort zone

You may feel intuitively prompted to go on a road trip, take up a new hobby, or to travel someplace you’ve never explored before. That inner knowing—the genuine cosmic “push” to venture further than you naturally would—is Divine guidance. Follow it!

  1. You want to give up on trying to find your soulmate

Often, apparent failures are just tests that prepare you to manifest new levels of success. It may seem that you’ve exhausted all of your options, leaving you completely fed up with the prospect of finding your soulmate. But energetically, this often is when we experience our greatest level of surrender, allowing us to finally overcome the blockages that have been holding us back. Manifesting will only happen if we’ve gotten out of our own way.

  1. You can’t let go of past heartbreak

This is a difficult one, but it’s probably the most important piece of the energy puzzle when it comes to soulmates.

Your soulmate is certainly waiting for you. However, you won’t be able to align with them if you’re holding onto negative energies related to your past. Use this process to let go of past heartbreak and to process residual grief. Only then will you be able to open your heart to this exciting and new chapter in your life.

  1. You experience déjà vu in knowledge and visions

You may see somebody that reminds you of your soulmate, but it isn’t them. I remember a boy that waited at the school bus stop with me when we were kids. Every time I saw him, he reminded me of somebody that I would love someday. Sure enough, that boy had the same build, skin tone, and year of birth as the man I eventually married.

This was at least 15 years before I met my husband. Remember, to the Divine, time is not relevant.

To manifest your soulmate into your life, you must be ready to achieve a deeper connection to the Universe. If you feel ready for the adventure of a spiritual quest, get out of your own way and follow your intuition!

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