Getting Back the One that Got Away
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Getting Back the One that Got Away

There are times when a relationship ends but our hearts, minds, and body hold onto what has been lost. We may crave the missing love and be unable to accept that a breakup has occurred. The truth is, people who are meant to be together will find their way back together, even if detours are taken on the path. There are some instances when people do come back together and stay together. Below are steps that can help you get back what is lost if it is meant to be.

Stop the Pursuit

It can be tempting, when thing end, to go girlfriend crazy. This is when you call, text, beg, plead, and stalk your recent ex without regard for how you are coming across. This happens when a relationship ends, but the love has not. Unfortunately, this can be heart wrenching and exhausting. When you find yourself worn down by this insane behavior, stop all communication.

Step Back

Once all communication has been halted, you have time to step back and examine where things went off course. This is important if the goal is to get back together. Make sure to examine the issues from both sides, not just the one where you totally blame the other person for everything. If you really examine things, you will see where signs were missed.


Once you realize where things started going wrong, you can work on those areas in your own life. Build up your heart, confidence, routine, and friends so when you get back into the relationship, you will be better prepared. Remember, your happiness has to come from within, not another person. Only when you love yourself can you be loved by someone else.

Just Say “No”

As you are working on yourself, there is a chance your ex will reach out and want to get back together. If you have not learned to love yourself and enjoy life without him, do not accept an invitation to get back together. You have to work on yourself or no reconnection will be successful.

Reach Out When Ready

When you have worked on yourself and are happy with who you are, if you still want to, reach out. If he is still interested then give it a try, if not then you are happy with who you are and can move on.

Let Go of the Past

When, or if, you do get back together then it is almost impossible to not start where you left off. Though the road will have obvious twists and turns, you can fall back in love if you make one promise to one another. This promise is that you both are letting go of the past. While you still know each other from years together, you must forget the problems of the past and move forward together.

Start fresh and build a new and better bond without the past weighing you down. Surrender your heart, confront any fears, and share your deepest insecurities with one another. Be secure with yourself and your relationship will remain just as secure. This can help you get the one back that got away.

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