Dating too Soon
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Dating too Soon

In situations where you feel like there is such strong chemistry between a new person, you have to remember that most relationships start this way but sometimes when people are involved, they jump into things to seriously right at the start.

When these types of relationships are formed, they can end just as quickly because there are unreasoned passion and love and some people are just addicted to have someone like them.  When you are infatuated with someone, this can happen at the beginning of the relationship and it can bring a desire for sex and the way that you become absorbed with each other.

When you feel stressed and that things are moving quickly, this is an indicator that you need to not go into the relationship that fast.  You can only be healthy in a relationship when you are ready for it and you have to be able to take commitment seriously.

Too many people will jump into relationships quickly and will eventually become confused or upset because they will see that there is not true love.


When you meet someone and you want a meaningful relationship, you need to spend time with them and then you can see them clearer.  There is nothing that can be better than dating a friend.  Some people will feel a strong emotion that makes them feel in love.  They will push that person to be in a relationship fast and can overwhelm the emotions.

Rushing into any relationship too soon is dangerous.  You need to be patient and wait for things to happen.  Being impatient is a sign that you are not mature, and the truth is that dating as friends is the best way to date someone.

When you rush, it can cause you to have hurt if the relationship doesn’t work out and it can cause you stress and mental pain.  Even rushing before you really know someone can cause you to end up with STD’s or other diseases.

Falling in Love

When you rush into a relationship, you will say things you don’t mean and make promises that you can’t keep.  It will cause you to make expectations that you cannot fulfill, and it will cause you to lose trust in people.

Rushing can bring a false sense of security and can cause you to have emotional problems even when things start out good.  You can never believe in love in first sight, there is a chemistry, but that is not love.

Wanting Love

Relationships on television or in the movies is not real.  Things do not happen romantically that fast and a love that is intense can be problematic or it can last forever.  You need to take time to understand the relationship and work on commitment.

Most people are anxious to have a boyfriend or girlfriend so they will rush things to feel loved.  Even though connecting with someone is great, rushing things can put you in a situation that can hurt you.

Don’t open your heart too early and hold back in your relationships and allow yourself to mature.

Go Slow

Many young adults keep making the same relationship decisions over and over and its because they need to slow down and understand what love is without drama and stress.

Take time to figure out what you want in your life and figure out what you want in a relationship.  Do not ever jump into a relationship too quickly.  Talk to people about the person you met and find how they treat their mother and their family.

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