7 Reasons to Avoid an Office Romance
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7 Reasons to Avoid an Office Romance

Office affairs can seem appealing in theory, but in reality, are filled with a host of problems.  In 2015 is was reported that 51% of Americans have had a romantic dalliance with a coworker at some point their career.  The same report, also notice that 47% of employees knew a coworker was having an affair.  Although you might think you can be slick if you choose to be intimate with a colleague, the chances are high that it will quickly become watercooler gossip.

Each work environment is distinct in culture, but here are seven common reasons to reconsider asking out the office hottie:

  1. Awkwardness

After the initial phases of the encounters fade, you come crashed back to reality quickly.  After excitement, danger and illicitness fades where are you both left.

Are you able to discuss anyone else you are dating?  Do you still feel like you have a friendship?  Are they preventing you from accomplishing your duties on time?

  1. Difficulty with Rank and Promotions

You may find it appealing to date your manager.  But what happens when you fail to meet a goal?  Perhaps you are in line for a promotion, and suddenly finding yourself the supervisor to your paramour.

Will you be able to discipline them if needed?  Will they be able to respect your leadership?

  1. Gossip

People bore easily and enjoy talking about other people behind their backs.  No matter how covert you think you are being with your affair, someone is bound to notice something amiss.

What will people say when they suspect your romance?  What issues will arise for you or your partner?  How will this impact your workplace environment?  Will this cause either of you to become laxed in your duties or worse face disciplinary actions?

  1. Wronged Spouse

Frequently, office romances are between people being unfaithful to a spouse or partner.  In committed relationships a partner (especially women) can sense when they think their mate is cheating on them.  When they confront the issue, it is never pretty and usually quite destructive.  Before you think of straying, consider the worse case scenario of what would happen if your spouse discovered your infidelity.  This is especially important in case the wronged party makes waves while you are in the office.

  1. Sexual Harassment Claims

Although things might start out as consensual, a person may change their perspective at any time.  A party could feel wronged, jealous, or become concerned about how they would be perceived if the liaison become public.  The best way to avoid this sticky situation is to avoid becoming involved with the person in the first place.

  1. Problems with Productivity

Its easy to get caught up in the blush of romance.  You can find yourself rather spending time with the object of your affection instead of handles your daily responsibilities.  Its more fun to be romance rather than stuck in routine, but there are consequences to every action.  Also, colleagues may start watching your every move closely after they find out about your romance.  They may become jealous or use this as opportunities for their personal advancement.  As such, associates frequently wait to catch people slacking so they can capitalize on anyone else’s folly.

  1. Reputation

Coworkers watch everyone else’s every move and adjust their behaviors accordingly so that THEY can be the office superstar.  Office romances are a surefire way to have your actions tried and judged without the parties ever being present.  Men in relationships are seen as sleazy while women become whores.  Regardless if gossip is true or not, ultimately professional images get damaged beyond repair and can even extend beyond a particular office into red flags for future employment opportunities.

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