Clear Your Chakras Now
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Clear Your Chakras Now

Chakra cleaning is an effective tool for wellness. Thankfully, there are many ways you can help unblock your chakras to gain harmony with your body and have optimal energy flow.

Option One: Mantras

Mantras can be used during the beginning/end of a yoga practice, during prayer, or meditation. The sounds vibrate in your chest, lower abdomen, or throat to facilitate healing through an alteration of energy to optimize your aura’s health.
Using a mala: Mantras can require a set number of times it should be repeated. Holding a mala (prayer beads) helps you count the number of mantra recitations.
Mantra selection: Use your intuition to guide to your mantra or mantra series you wish to chat. Mantra usage during meditations can ensure you remain centered and presence during your practice. Vedic traditions encourage Bija mantras to clear and balance chakras. Each mantra is a single syllable that links with a particular chakra. Elongate each syllable when you chant and focus on the corresponding charka. Feel the mantra vibrate throughout that chakra healing it from the inside out.

• Root – LAM (pronounced lahm)
• Sacral – VAM (prounounced vahm)
• Solar Plexus – RAM (prounounced rahm)
• Heart – YAM (pronounced yahm)
• Throat – HAM (pronounced hahm)
• Third eye – OM (pronounced ohm or aum)
• Crown – silence

You can also elongate vowel sounds for clearing chakra so it serves as a chant.

• Root chakra – “Uh” as in duh
• Sacral chakra – “Oo” as in woo
• Solar plexus chakra – “Oh” as in dough
• Heart chakra – “Ah” as in law
• Throat chakra – “Eye” as in pry
• Third eye chakra – “Ay” as in way
• Crown chakra – “Eee” as in tee

Mantra usage in meditation: Choose a place where you can be free of distractions and suitable for your body temperature (be aware your body rhythms will slow during meditation and may lower your core temperature).

1. Sit on a floor with your legs crossed. You may choose to use a cushion.
2. Take a few deep and relaxing breaths.
3. Close your eyes and silently state your intention.
4. Position your hands on your thighs or in a way that speaks to you.
5. If using a mala, hold it in one hand and count out each bead with each mantra repetition. Repeat mantras in sets of nine.
6. Breath naturally but mindfully.
7. Focus on the chant and visualize the chakra for the mantra you are repeating.
8. Finish your meditation with one repetition of Om or some other favored chant.

Option Two: Tapping

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or “tapping,” causing pressure on key meridian points with your fingertips in a repetitive tapping motion. During tapping repeat affirmations and become accepting of emotions tied to any memories. These emotions when trapped in your body can block your chakras and impede healthy energy flow throughout your body.
1. Tap using the fingerprints of your index and middle fingers of your dominant hand
2. Tap on each chakra point gently, but with intention nine times
3. Begin with your crown chakra and work your way down through each chakra until you reach your root chakra, tap each point nine times
4. You ma choose to blend tapping with mantra recitation

Option Three: Reiki

Reiki practitioners utilize symbols and hand positions to manipulate Reiki energy. Masters receive the highest amount of necessary training to open blocked chakra points to restore energy circulation. Reiki can even be done from a distance. Attuning to Reiki allows one to channel energy to the chakras by placing your hands over these points for 3-5 minutes, or by having a practitioner focus their energy of clearing each chakra points.
How Reiki works: Masters send beams of highly concentrated energy to the chakra to disruption and ultimately clear out a blockage. This positive energy practice balances negative vibrations and releases them.

Option Four: Yoga

Yoga opens blockages by physically manipulating the parts of the human body. When parts that are connected to a chakra point are moved these energy centers become stimulated.
Blocked Chakras: Blocked chakras continue to spin, but often they reverse the healthy spinning momentum or direction. This is because they have become inflamed similar to the physical body. Your body responses to this change in negative ways since chakras are vital gateway for life energy to flow throughout your entire being.
Purging Blockages: There are many different options you can take to unblock chakras. Perform some research online to discover the best method that speaks to your spirit. Practice this routinely to ensure energy centers remain open and optimal energy flow.

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