When Your Ex Wants to Get Back Together
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When Your Ex Wants to Get Back Together

Why does an ex want to get back into your life after they have neglected you?  You might be at a point where you have already moved on in your life and then all of a sudden, they show back up and want to be part of your life.  You don’t have to decide immediately if you want them back and here are some reasons that your ex might show back up in your life:


Your ex will have had no one that loved them like you did and so even if you are staying away from them and avoiding them, they might show back up.  They need to feel good about themselves and you made them feel that way.

Need to Cry

Having strong emotional support is important and if you have had a deep friendship with someone then they will feel like you are the person to come to with their problems.  You can still be a shoulder to cry on but when they come to vent to you, the reality is that they will disappear again and leave you feeling emotional and upset.

People don’t always think of the emotional problems that your ex will bring when he or she comes back into your life.

Rebounded Relationship Didn’t Work

If you have a relationship that you were in for a period of time, then you will see how good dating is.  Once it is over, you might figure out that your ex is hung up on you just like you have been on them.

There are things that you will like about people and things that you want and sometimes your ex will come to mind when you think about dating someone.  After your romance fails though, you will realize that you don’t want to be with someone that is like them.  Being with them didn’t work out, so find someone else to bond with.


It is hard to be friends with your ex.  If you are having someone reach out to you that is your ex, try to remove them and not bond with them like that.  It is hard to say no to someone that you have loved but you will not be able to be friends without emotions.


If your ex seems happy after the breakup then it can make you feel bad about who you are.  They might cause you to have self esteem issues and this can be something that they post about on social media or someone that is in their life comes up in a conversation.

If you have a relationship that was not resolved when you were together, them changing might not be what you care to hear.  If they want to come back into your life and show off, you need to consider all of the past pain.


Exes want to have sex with someone that they are comfortable with.  Plus, you have a chemical attachment that might never go away.

They Really Want You Back

When you take time from your ex, chances are they will realize how good the relationship was and what they walked away from.  They might really want to reconnect with you and get back together.

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