When a Man is Emotionally Attached
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When a Man is Emotionally Attached

You may have wondered at some point in your life if a person was attracted to you or not. Sometimes, being attracted is easily seen but there are sometimes when the feelings are not being expressed because people are afraid of being rejected. They will wonder if they are really liked and they might be afraid to say it because of past rejection or fear of being put down.

A person also might be afraid to express their feelings because they just don’t know how to. No matter what the reason is, being confused about how someone feels can be frustrating.

There are different signs that you can see, and you can tell when someone likes you. Since you cannot be sure that someone will come out and say what they are feeling, you can look at these signs and know how to control your love life so that you can decide if you want to be in a relationship with someone or not.

If you find signs that someone does like you and is attracted to you, but you do not feel the same about them, you can save yourself from being embarrassed by knowing how they feel. You need to learn to read cues both verbally and non-verbally so that you can know between a romantic and a non-romantic relationship.


Having intuition can go a long way for you and if you feel that you have a chemistry with someone, chances are this is an attraction that you are just not talking about. Having chemistry is not the same as chemistry in science, but it is a connection that you will feel when you have feelings or emotions for someone. It can be hard to figure out if the person has the same feelings but here are some things they might do if they are attracted to you:

  • Show with body language.
  • Talk about anything with you.
  • Tease you.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Flirt.
  • Smile when they are around you.
  • Focus only on you.
  • Love spending time with you.

If you see any of these signs and if you see many of the signs, you can know that there is some kind of attraction between the two of you.


One of the biggest signs that was mentioned is teasing. When adults tease each other, it can mean that they are attracted to each other.

Even when people were young, they knew that when they were teased by someone that it possibly met that they had a crush on each other. When you find that you are constantly picking on each other, this could mean there is attraction.

Know though, there is a difference between teasing and bullying and if you feel that you are being teased in a way that is not accepted or hurtful, this behavior is not acceptable and you need to step away from the relationship. You should never have to feel disrespected or mistreated and if this happens, you need to speak up for yourself. This can help you with your mental wellbeing. If the teasing makes you feel bad or to feel hurt, this means the line from teasing to bullying has been crossed and this behavior has to stop.

If you feel that the teasing that is being done is causing you pain, talk to someone such as a therapist. You need to care for yourself in the relationship and if it is not healthy, get away from it.


Another movement that people often do when they are attracted to one another is to mirror their movements. This does not even happen on purpose, but chances are you will find that when someone is doing something, you begin to do it as well and this proves an emotional attraction.

This is one of the biggest signs of being attracted. If you focus on what is going on, you will take time to think things through and you will see if you are mirroring someone or if they are mirroring you. Keep looking for signs and you will be able to understand relationships now and in the future.

These are some signs that someone could be attracted to you:

  • Aligning their body with yours.
  • Acting nervous.
  • Moving shoulders.
  • Blushing.
  • Touching their face or not knowing what to do with their hands.
  • Blinking a lot.
  • Tossing or twisting hair.
  • Smiling.
  • Moving closer to you.

Close Physical Contact

Pay attention to how close someone stays to you. If someone stands super close to you then chances are, they are attracted to you. No matter what they say their emotions are, people are drawn to be around people they like.

If you are by each other and you notice that you touch them with your thighs or your shoulders a lot, this can mean you are attracted to them or they are to you.

Having skin on skin contact can activate dopamine in your brain and this can make you feel happy. These feelings come when you are close to someone that you like.

When you feel that the person is being too close to you or your area is feeling invaded, tell them. There are different ways that people express themselves, but you have a right to your own personal space.

Impressing You

Men want to impress women that they like. They want to do things such as bring you gifts or to make you feel special.

Impressing you could happen in different ways, maybe they want to show off their stuff to you or to show you how good they have done on something to see if you are pleased with them. If they want to impress you, they will do it in different ways, and this can show you attraction.

When a guy is gloating and being prideful, this can be a different form of attraction and this might make you feel that you are not wanting to be around this person. If you feel that you do not like these kinds of actions from your partner, explain why and let them know what you like and what you do not like.


People that want to be around each other want to spend time together. This happens because people want to be around people that make them happy. If you find that your partner is canceling their plans with their friends to spend time with you or coming up with last minute things to try to hang out with you, they are probably doing this for a purpose.

You can also look out to see if he is often inviting you to do things with him. If so, this is a big sign. Men do not always clear what they are doing for other people and if they want to spend time with you, pay attention.


One sign of attraction is communicating. If a guy seems to not ever want you to stop talking, this can be a good sign.

Do you text someone all day long and talk for hours and hours? Do you see him or her commenting on a photo that you posted?  All of these are big signs that he is into you.

He might want to talk to you all day long and communicate with you all throughout his day. When this happens, it is a sign that he likes you. Remember, everyone is different and how they show attraction might differ from person to person.

If you are still not sure if someone likes you or not, ask them. That is the best way that you can find out what kind of feelings they really have for you.

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