Hooking Up
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Hooking Up

When you are a single lady, you are aware that dating someone is hard and there are many challenges. You might find that you are in a culture where hooking up seems easier and it is harder to have true dating situations. This might not be what you really want but if you are getting sex and you are happy about it, that is up to you. If you are looking for a real relationship that will lead to a long-term partner, you will need to make sure that you are focusing on guys that have the dating potential for a future.

Finding a guy that can go with you to the future can help you by being strategic and you can start by playing hard to get but you need to be careful what kind of guys you are going for. If you are dealing with guys that are emotionally unavailable or immature, they will understand your game playing techniques and they will not want to be in a real relationship and so they will show you with their habits of dating.


Try to stop overanalyzing things and learn to be happy about whatever decisions you make. Catch up with your friends and learn to understand text messages how they are without overanalyzing things. Do not be upset or counterproductive.

Women will tend to go over every detail that a man has, and they will make assumptions about people without wanting to really know who they are. Your friends will help you and understand your relationships so learn to talk to them.

When you are feeling insecure, you need to reach deep inside and learn to take your feelings and distract yourself and learn to have more self-worth and self-confidence.


It is okay to be guarded and to not be vulnerable, especially in the beginning of a relationship. Let them see how you feel and let them show you by their behavior if they want to be with you or not. Invest time but not too much time and expect them to show you the same kindness that you show them.

Do not let your feelings always get in the way but always be aware of how they are treating you. Have a partner that will treat you the way that you want to be treated.


It is important that you are real, and you let people see the real you. Do not worry about being a dork or being obsessed with things you love. If you love to read, good, if you love to dance, do it.

If you are dating someone and you are secure in who you are, you will not be easily intimidated, and you will learn to show your real self. Do not hide who you are and let your partner see the real you and appreciate you.

Reading Between the Lines

Instead of always trying to read between the lines and make a meaning out of everything, take what they say as is. If they text you and ask what you are doing, tell them what you are doing. Stop worrying so much about what you interpret a text to mean and take it for what it is.

If you want to understand who a person is, find out their values and interests and find out what makes them tick.

Back Up

Sometimes you have to back up a little so that you can see the real picture. Do not go too fast and do not be too open. Try to communicate and not be too aggressive in your feelings. Learn to be independent and confident and live life to the fullest.

Your life will move forward no matter if someone is with you or not. Let your relationships move along with you and not hold you back.


Chemistry is not always sexual, and you need to make sure that you are attracted to someone if you plan on dating them for a long time. Make sure that you are sexually and physically attracted so that your relationship can be strong.


If you are doubtful about who you are hanging out with, make them see how worthy you are. Let them be around you without wasting your time and let them see what your worth is. Do not let someone take advantage of you and if you give yourself love and you cannot get that from your partner, leave them and find someone that is there for more than just sex.

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