Tips to Have Him Chasing You
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Tips to Have Him Chasing You

Ladies, it is time to shake things up and remind men you like to be chased. Men have come to expect that women will chase them by stalking them on social media, befriending their friends, and showing up at their favorite clubs, but it is time to flip that script. Stop chasing and become the one pursued with these tips that puts the ball in their court.

Be Busy

Whether you are busy relaxing and binging on Netflix or actually busy doing something, show him you are busy. Take your time in answering his messages or explain you cannot hang out when he calls for a last minute get together. Be bold, tell him if he needs full time companionship to get a pet, so that he sees you are a busy and needed woman.

Let Him Believe He is in Charge

Who knows why, but men need to feel like they are in control of things and making the decisions. It may be part of their genetic makeup. Let him believe he is in charge even though you are still likely making the decisions. Be stealthy while calling the shots.

Be Confident

Whether you actually believe it or not, be confident. A man loves a confident woman who commands attention when she walks into a room. Appear not to need a man, it will make them want you more.

Create Competition

Whether more than one guy is pursuing you are not, make it look like there is some competition. If you are in demand, he will want you more. Post pics and tag people in photos of you having a good time with others to show him he is not the only option. This also shows that you have a life with or without a man and that he is not needed for you to be happy. This will have him wanting to be part of your life.

Don’t Give It All Away

You owe this man nothing and he is not yet your boyfriend, so hold back a bit. No need to make out or have sex right away. Let him chase you for what he wants.

Keep the Mystery

We all have those weird quirks or talents, like burping the alphabet, but there is no need to share this up front. Hold onto some mystery for future dates. Oversharing about drama, family, or past relationships can stop someone cold.


While the chase is the goal, flirting can keep the hope alive. Be fun and flirty with him to show you are interested.

Keep It Simple

When the texts start coming in, keep responses short. No one wants an essay written out on an iPhone. Leave the lengthy answers for date night.

Don’t Woo

If you want the chase to continue then don’t spend the entire date hanging on his arm and staring longingly into his eyes. While complimenting him is fine, as is staying present in the conversation, treating him like god just comes off as needy.

Be Sexy

Men are visual creatures, so give them something to look at when your paths cross. This does not mean dressing as something you are not, but ramping up the sexiness a bit can truly get their attention.

Easy on the Drama

Men do not enjoy drama, so leave the drama for your friends or at home. A drama filled girl will send a man running in the other direction.

Don’t Focus on Him Alone

Those who think they are not very interested will be the ones who pursue you the hardest. This is a weird law of the universe. Someone who knows, without a doubt, you want them, will not chase you. Keep your focus broad and let him come to you.

Be Ready to Drop Him

Any guy can seem great from a distance, but if you find he is not meeting the standards you have set, then move on. The chase is fun, but if he is not showing real interest, find someone new.

Know When to Give….A Little

Playing hard to get is great, but at some point, you have to give a little to keep them interested. Give little rewards along the way. Sex does not have to be the reward, but a little kiss can keep him interested.

Now that you know how to play the game, sit back and let the chase begin.

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