Making a Man Fall In Love With You: A Step by Step Guide
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Making a Man Fall In Love With You: A Step by Step Guide

If you are certain you have met the one and things are going decently, but you want to make sure that he feels the same way or you are crushing on someone and want to get their attention. Then there is a way to make sure. Even if you just want to understand how to get the guy and make him fall in love so much that he is ready to build a life, then this will help.

However, relationships take time and dedication to work out correctly. If you are trying to build a life with someone it is not a simple task, but that does not mean there isn’t something to be done to help it along. A good relationship requires two people who are both giving it their all and learning to work together. Like a dance, there are steps to take to help it flow and keep you from running over your partner accidentally.

Since relationships require such effort, it is always good to know where to direct that effort. Follow the simple steps outlined below to make a man fall in love with you. It is not magic, but a formula that is highly reliable. All it takes is the acronym MAGNETISM.


Men want to know you see them as a man. He wants your femininity to draw him as his masculinity draws you. He needs to be seen as the protector, provider, and even the problem solver. He wants to be admired, never emasculated. He wants to feel like the hero in the relationship.


Accept a man for what he is because no one wants to be seen as a project. Fight the urge to change things about him if you if you want to stay together long term. If he does want your help with changes, he will ask. Remember, the guy wants to be a hero and if you cannot offer that, then move on.


A man has two basic gifts to offer a woman. These are his ability to provide and protect, remember the hero thing. If he is willing to be a hero and invest his time for you, then show a bit of gratitude. He wants to be appreciated. Never take him for granted if you want to keep him close.


It is a woman’s grace and beauty that attracts a man. This is most often demonstrated through being a nurturer and caretaker. This is not sexist. It is about coming together in love as you care for each other by forming a cooperative partnership. It is about a desire to give rather than always taking.

E-Easy Going

Men are very simple creatures who will do all they can to please you, if they know they can. They focus on problem solving as a way of fixing. If you are easy going most of the time, he will feel he is doing his job. When you are happy, he will feel like a true success.


Both you and your man need to be trustworthy and have one another’s back. This is no matter what the situation. It is a true statement of masculinity when a woman can support and show her man’s honor.


Do not try to define the relationship too soon because it can cause problems. He wants to feel freedom, even though she wants to feel safe. He will not want to give up his freedom right away, so take your time and allow him time to come to you without limiting his independence.

S-Stay Captivating

Once you have gotten this far, your man is captivated and will do almost anything to keep from losing the perfect woman for him. Keep it up so he stays captivated.

M-Match Made in Heaven

When this outline has been followed, something magical happens. It adds up to a match made in Heaven. You have found your soulmate.

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